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Dear International Student

On behalf of the FECAP International OFFICE, we would like to welcome you to São Paulo and FECAP, where we hope you will have a wonderful academic, social and cultural experience in the largest financial, corporate and commercial city in South America with a growing population of 11.32 million inhabitants.

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Getting to know São Paulo

São Paulo is located in the Southeast Region of Brazil and it is ranked as the Earth’s 11th largest city by population . It was founded as small village called by the Portuguese colonizers, São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga on Jan. 25, 1554. The Jesuit College of 12 priests included Manuel da Nóbrega and José de Anchieta, and their structure was located on top of a steep hill between the Rivers Anhangabaú and Tamanduateí. Having the largest economy by GDP in Latin America, the city is home to the São Paulo Stock Exchange. The Paulista Avenue is one of the Financial centers of the city that has the 10th largest GDP in the world, representing alone 10.7% of the Brazilian GDP.

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Largo São Francisco

The metropolis is also home to several tallest buildings in in Brazil, such as Edifício Itália, the North Tower, Mirante do Vale, World Trade Center and others. The city has economic, cultural, political and technological reputation and influence in Latin America.

São Paulo is a Melting Pot or a Salad Bowl city (although it preserves and respects cultural differences), being the home of the largest Arab, Italian, Japanese diasporas, with Ethnic background of Portuguese decedents, Afro-Brazilians and Indians. Concerning European influences, the city has a strong inheritance from Spanish, Germans, and Polish. São Paulo is also home to the largest Jewish population in the country and one of the largest Urban Jewish populations in the world.

Acommodation Information (Hostels)

Hostel Vergueiro

Located in a walking distance from FECAP (13 minutes)
Address: Rua Vergueiro, 434 - Liberdade, SP
Reservations: 55 11 2649-1323 or [email protected]
Facilities – Single Rooms; Double Rooms; Collective Rooms (For Girls); Free Wi-fi; Furnished Kitchen TV Room; Reception open until 1:00 am; Convenience Stores; Laundry.

Brazilodge Hostel

Located at a walking distance from the Ana Rosa Metrô Station.
Address: Rua Rio Grande, 167 - Vila Mariana
Reservations: 55 11 2362-6495 or [email protected]
Facilities – Shared Rooms; Double Rooms Free Wi-fi; Solarium; Furnished Kitchen; Study Room; The Garden; TV Room; 24-hour Reception; Desk tops available; Convenience Stores; Laundry.

We Hostel

Located at a walking distance from the Ana Rosa Metrô Station
Address: Rua Morgado de Mateus 567 Vila Mariana SP 04015-051
Reservations: 55 11 2615-2262
Facilities – Shared Rooms; Wi-fi; Furnished Kitchen; 24-hour Reception; The Lounge; Convenience Stores; Shopping Center; Laundry.

Acommodation Information (Hotels)

Nikkey Palace Hotel

Located at a walking distance from the FECAP campus at Liberdade
Address: Rua Galvão Bueno, 425 – Liberdade, São Paulo – SP
Reservations: [email protected]
Phone: 55 11 3207-8511
Please consult availabilities and costs at: www.nikkeyhotel.com.br

Gloria Plaza Hotel

Located at a walking distance from the FECAP campus at Liberdade
Address: Rua da Gloria, 452 – Liberdade, São Paulo – SP
Reservations: [email protected]
Phone: 55 11 3209-6900
Please consult availabilities and costs at: www.gloriaplazahotel.com.br

Leques Brazil Hotel Escola

Located in one-stop Metro Station from Liberdade
Rua São Joaquim, 216 – Liberdade, São Paulo – SP
Reservations: [email protected]
Phone 55 11 3956-6386
Please consult availabilities and costs at: www.lequesbrasil.com.br

The easiest way to arrive at FECAP – Campus Liberdade is by taking the Metro (Blue Line) that has connections to major sections of all over the city. Get off at the Liberdade Metro Station.

(10% Discount for FECAP Students- No reservation is needed)

Mezanino Grill e Café

Address: Rua Galvão Bueno, 40 (located in a walking distance from FECAP)

Terraço do Chop Churrascaria

Address: Av. Da Liberdade, 108 (located in a walking distance from FECAP)

O Marquês Bar (all you can eat Buffet and Happy Hour)

Address: Av. Da Liberdade, 596 (located in a walking distance from FECAP)

Melts Hamburgueria (American Burguers)

Address: Av. Da Liberdade, 472 (located in a walking distance from FECAP)

Frikot: batata com frescura (French Fries)
Address: Rua Barão de Iguape, 165 (located in Walking distance from FECAP)

Hospital das Clínicas FMUSP
Av. Dr. Eneas de C. Aguiar, 255 – Cerqueira César
Telefone: (11) 3069- 6226 | (11) 3069 6000

Hospital Nove de Julho
Rua Peixoto Gomide, 625 – Cerqueira Cesar
Telefone: (11) 3147-9999

Hospital Santa Cruz
Rua Santa Cruz, 398 – Vila Mariana
Telefone: (11) 5080-2002

Hospital São Paulo
Rua Napoleão de Barros, 715 – Vila Clementino
Telefone: (11) 5576-4522

100 - Human Rights Department
128 - Mercosur Jurisdiction
180 - Women’s Rights
181 - Crime Reporting
190 - Militar Police
191 - Federal Roads Police
192 - Ambulance
193 - Fire Fighters
194 - Federal Police
197 - Civil Police
198 - State Road Police
199 - Civil Defense

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