Economic Principles

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Carga Horária: 40h

Data: Em Breve

Valores: Alunos, ex-alunos FECAP Externos:

Período de Inscrição: Em Breve

Prof. Matheus Albergaria

Sobre o curso

Undergraduate students and members of the external community.

• Develop skills that ensure participants read and speak technical English economics;
• Discuss areas of knowledge related to basic economic principles;
• Develop didactic activities at individual and group levels.


1. The Principles and Practice of Economics.
2. Economic Methods and Economic Questions.
3. Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium.
4. Elasticity.
5. Market Structure.
6. Game Theory.
7. Externalities and Public Goods.

• Lectures by the Professor;
• Flipped classroom, Problem Sets, and Case Studies.

Two intermediate tests (worth 20% each) and one final test (40%). A minimum of 70% of attendance.

Acemoglu, D .; Laibson, D .; List, J. (2015). Economics, Pearson.
Mankiw, N.G. (2015). Principles of Economics, Cengage Learning.

Sobre o professor

Matheus Albergaria has a degree in Economics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1998), a master’s degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (2004), a master’s degree in Economics – The Ohio State University (2008), a doctorate in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (2017) and a post-doctoral position in Economics from the University of São Paulo (2019). He has worked as an anonymous reviewer for several national and international academic journals in Economics and Business Administration since 2003. He also serves as Associate Editor for the International Journal of Multivariate Data Analysis (IJMDA) and RAUSP Management Journal. Matheus has experience in Economics and Business Administration, with a focus on Quantitative Methods, and doing research on the following subjects: applied econometrics, organizational economics, public sector economics, macroeconomics, and applied microeconomics.

Matheus Albergaria

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